10 / 18 / 2018 - 11 / 24 / 2018

Curated by Benjamin Klein

Galerie Deux Poissons is pleased to present “Disegno”, a duo exhibition featuring works on paper by Giuseppe Di Leo and Susan G. Scott. These two distinguished artists and longtime professors are highly accomplished and recognized in the world of academia, as well as in artistic creation. Both have also committed major aspects of their practices to the production of works on paper: “Disegno” showcases the work of two master drawers at the height of their powers, in cooperative juxtaposition.

Featured Images:

Title: Circling Streams
Artist: Susan G. Scott
Size: 122 cm x 178 cm
Medium: Acrylic on paper
Date: 2018
Photo taken by Guy L'Heureux

Title: Blending of Body and Soul II (How can I escape that which will share my resurrection )
Artist: Giuseppe Di Leo
Size: 152 cm x 127 cm
Medium: Pencil, colour pencil, and pastel on Stonehenge paper
Date: 2018

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