Fait ou défait c’est idem

07/12/2018 - 08/26/2017

Rachel Crummey • Michelle Furlong • Mathieu Lacroix • Malcolm McCormick

The intention of this show is to explore the shifting boundaries in between individual and collective aesthetic activity and stability - allowing for the expression of an individual’s artistic voice, but also creating a platform for art forms that bring those voices together into visual corollaries to singers performing in duets, choirs, and medleys as well as solos. A representation is always an index of and to something else, as well as an incarnate thing-in-itself: these artists create in a self-aware manner, remaining in touch with the different possible perspectives on the meaning of their activities, with respect to context as well as creativity. The act of drawing is a central concern of this show, and the theme of ideas of “making” and “unmaking” being in flux. Far from constituting a certain dichotomy, these acts can exchange places and blur into one another easily depending on an artist’s procedure and notions. Both in technique and in content this exhibition demonstrates a range of ways to understand that “Fait ou défait c'est idem".

Rachel Crummey’s drawing and painting practice generates beautiful abstract results from a process-based approach to mark making, at times engaging the gallery space in a larger capacity and developing into an environment of constellated conceptual parts. Here, she has enlisted the collaborative help of Michelle Furlong, who brings her own considerable artistic skills to bear on Crummey’s project design.

Mathieu Lacroix’s practice grows out of his elegant approach to drawing, as an act and a mode of thought, both reflexively and proactively. Simple tactics develop into larger strategic webs of making and examining within his proliferations of line, from within a sheet of paper to well beyond, in numerous guises, to create an open ended series of reflective moments.

Malcolm McCormick’s multi-disciplinary work too brings a variety of technique and elegant forms into the gallery space. Sculpture and painting, drawing and installation are equated to one another and then pulled back into their own zones, creating beautiful moments in themselves at once as researching the borderlines of their spheres of influence.


Photos taken by Guy L’Heureux.