Laboratoire Peinture

05/24/2018 - 07/07/2018

Raul Aguilar Canela • Natasha Martel • Laurence Pilon • Katerina Pansera • Evangelos Michelis • Ai Ikeda

Six artists, working across the heterogeneous field of activity that contemporary painting has become participate in this exhibition, which is designed to showcase the variety, power, and intelligence of what painting can be, and can achieve at the present time. All of these artists have shown that they have fully digested the complex histories and inheritances of the past, and that they understand and invest in the continually renewing, and reinventing nature of the practice of painting.

Raul Aguilar Canela’s rigorously multivalent works explore an expansive maze of imaginative conceptual and political avenues, standing in stark contrast to Ai Ikeda’s suggestively symbolic images, that explore an appealing, dreamlike world of totemic figures, scenes, and ideas. Laurence Pilon’s lovely, contemplative pieces radiate a quiet but gripping atmosphere of vibrating passages and concentrated tonal illumination, while Natasha Martel’s formalistic paintings are beautiful and evocative explorations of how surface, compositional structure, and the drama of colour are being reinvigorated by this new generation. Evangelos Michelis’s expressive figurations turn quotidian local scenes into humorous, but emotionally gripping tableau, and Katerina Pansera’s weirdly funny but clearly well organized, formally assured depictions, contain sophisticated layers of mental and visual exploration.

Curated by Benjamin Klein.


Photos taken by Guy L’Heureux.