05/23/2019 - 06/29/2019

Jim Holyoak • Matt Shane

"Who's Haunt" (ink, dye, graphite, aquarelle on paper)
47" x 40" , 2019
Holyoak & Shane

Galerie Deux Poissons is delighted to present “Overworld”, our first exhibition at the gallery of the work of Jim Holyoak, Matt Shane, and of the well-known collaboration between the two. Unlike many collaborative teams in contemporary art, Holyoak and Shane are equally as committed to individual practice as to working in common - effectively as artists they constitute a three-in-two combination of unique bodies of strong work. Most of the artwork that Holyoak and Shane do together and separately is on paper - from the very small to the enormous in scale - and while related to painting, can be best viewed as covering a broad territory of drawing practice. They are individually and collectively masters of deploying drawing as a multivalent force within contemporary art. Their work involves a layered visionary process of the imagination, which in all three cases is nonetheless highly rigorous in sourcing and researching, practice and refinement of the results. “Overworld” is both the title of this exhibition, as well as a searching metaphor for what these artists do and depict.

Curated by Benjamin Klein.