04/11/2019 - 05/18/2019

Lorraine Simms

This solo exhibition is the result of a comprehensive research project coupling depictive drawing
with natural history and environmental science, executed by Simms over the past year. As with all of Simms’ work, a high level of formal perfectionism and virtuosity is present, and as with much of her overall production, this body of work was also done from observation. In 2018 Simms went to New York City to do a residency at the American Museum of Natural History, where she spent weeks working in the Mammalogy Department with the remains of numerous North American mammals. Each of the animals she has depicted is a member of an endangered or vulnerable species—and can also be understood as an iconic, symbolically powerful kind of animal, an archetype in our cultural consciousness. These animals are identified by Simms as distinctive metaphors for the health of our biosphere as well as for the state of our own species and society.